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Started in 2009, EquiManagement is the only magazine and website developed to focus only on the business of equine veterinary medicine. EquiManagement is owned by Active Interest Media (AIM), which is the largest network of equine publications and websites in the industry. Magazines and websites include:

EquiManagement is quarterly magazine that goes to all members of the AAEP, AAEVT, and VBMA. Subscriptions also are available to any veterinarian who requests one by contacting KBrown@aimmedia.com.

EquiManagement.com is a destination resource website designed to assist equine veterinarians and those in veterinary practices who are involved in providing services or managing business. We will regularly update content that will be designed to address the unique and not-so-unique business and management issues facing the equine veterinary professional.

EquiManagement.com recognizes that a veterinary business is like any other business and, in order to be successful, the practitioners and managers need access to information on the latest products and ideas to create sound business strategies. Through articles, downloads, news, research, in-depth features and videos, EquiManagement.com will provide veterinarians and business associates the information they need to better develop and manage their practices.

Ultimately, EquiManagement.com is a forum for the exchange of ideas and a tool through which to communicate. In that sense, it is your website, so your input is important to us.


Kimberly S. Brown, Associate Publisher/Editor

Brown has been involved with equine publishing since 1980. During a career that spanned 29.5 years at Blood-Horse Publications, Brown helped found and lead The Horse brand, ending her tenure with that company as Publisher/Editor of The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care and TheHorse.com. In 2010 Brown left Blood-Horse Publications to join Dr. Joe Pagan’s internationally renowned equine nutrition and research company Kentucky Equine Research (KER). While there Brown developed the outstanding content-driven website Equinews.com (recognized as a top-three Addy Award finisher for design), and her team created award-winning newsletters and content as recognized by AHP.

Because of her love for publishing and the equine and veterinary industries, Brown returned to the industry when she took over EquiManagement in December of 2012. Her role expanded with AIM when she accepted the position as Associate Publisher/Editor of StableManagement.com in mid-2013. She now works full-time for AIM.


One of the world’s largest enthusiast media companies, Active Interest Media publishes leading consumer magazines such as Yoga Journal, Backpacker, SKI, Skiing, Vegetarian Times, Yachts International, Sail, Power & Motoryacht, Black Belt, American Cowboy, Spin to Win Rodeo, Practical Horseman, Dressage Today, Log Home Living, Old House Journal, Country’s Best Cabins, and more. The company’s five divisions—the Equine Network, Home Group, Healthy Living Group, Marine Group, and Outdoor Group—reach more than 40 million people in 85 countries. We also operate websites, B2B businesses, a state-of-the-art video unit, and Warren Miller Entertainment, the most successful outdoor film production company in history. Each of our divisions also runs consumer and trade events, including the world’s largest boat shows and yoga conferences. Active Interest Media’s customers are smart, engaged, and loyal, and they look to our brands for trustworthy information and services that will inspire and enable them to enjoy their passions.

News List

EDCC Reports New EHV-1 Case at Fair Grounds Racetrack
On January 13, 2017, a new case of EHV-1 in Barn 45 at the Fair Grounds racetrack was moved to isolation... Read More
EDCC Reports Additional Strangles Premises in Florida
On January 14, one premise in Alachua County, Florida, was placed under quarantine for clinical signs consistent with strangles. The clinical horse was purchased from another farm also currently under strangles quarantine... Read More
EDCC Report on EHV-1 Fair Grounds, Louisiana, Outbreak Update
On Tuesday, January 10, 2017, two suspect horses that had previously tested negative for EHV-1 on both nasal and blood samples retested positive for EHV1 non-neuropathogenic strain at the Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab... Read More
EDCC Reports Strangles in Union County, Florida
On January 13, one premise in Union County, Florida was placed under quarantine for strangles after PCR results returned positive for three of the 13 horses on the property. All three horses had recently performed at a roping event in Trenton, Florida... Read More

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Veterinarians Get a Leg Up in the War Against Equine Dermatitis
EPD is not a specific diagnosis. It is a syndrome. A term--scratches, dew poisoning, greasy heel, mud fever, foot rot, cracked heels--to describe cutaneous lesions caused... Read More
EQUIOXX (firocoxib) Tablets Receive FDA Approval
For almost 10 years, EQUIOXX (firocoxib) has been the only coxib non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) approved for use in horses. Now, this once-daily treatment to control joint pain and... Read More
Madigan Foal Squeeze Procedure for Neonatal Maladjustment Syndrome
Veterinary researchers at the University of California, Davis, are teaming up with their colleagues in human medicine to investigate a troubling disorder in newborn horses and are exploring possible... Read More
FDA Issues Warning Letters for Unapproved Omeprazole Drugs Marketed for Use in Horses
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued nine warning letters to companies arketing unapproved animal drugs containing omeprazole. These products have not been reviewed by the FDA for safety... Read More