Bad Buzz

When online gossip goes negative, how do you respond?

In recent articles we have discussed the value of social media for veterinary practices and the medium’s common platforms. A common thread throughout is the transparency that is inherent with social media. All of us are living under closer scrutiny then we were even five years ago. To a certain degree we can filter what we want to present to the world but we can’t control what others say or show about us. The new saying, “What happens in Vegas stays on Facebook” are words to live by. How do we know what people are saying about us through the clutter of social media? If we find negative comments about our businesses or ourselves, how do we respond? Beyond the Search Engine Google is not just a search engine. It has many free online tools available including the very useful Google Alerts. This is a web search tool that notifies a user when certain key words or phrases have been used. For McKee-Pownall Veterinary Services, I have set up  Google Alerts for the clinic name and for all of our veterinarians. Whenever there’s a mention I get an email with a link to the web location. I have been surprised at the number of breeds and disciplines... Continue Reading

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The Waiting Game

by Leslie Mamalis, MBA, MSIT

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by Marcia Brody

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Five Tips for Better Event Networking
No matter which breeds, disciplines or segments of the industry command your attention, there are groups of people with similar interests who meet at regularly scheduled times. Those gatherings might... Read More
Creature Comforts
Stress is the companion of the equine veterinarian, whether manning the clinic or behind the wheel of the ambulatory vehicle. Long hours, countless miles, time away from family and friends, and bad... Read More
Business Cards: More Than Your Name and Phone Number
Today’s business card is more than a small piece of cardboard with your business name and phone number. It is the first impression—and a lasting impression—left with current and potential clients. Read More
Spreading Your Words
Picture this: There has been a confirmed case of West Nile virus in your practice area and you want to encourage all of your clients to have you vaccinate their horses. When you share this... Read More

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IDEXX Introduces New RealPCR Diagnostics for Safeguarding Equine Health

Credit: Photo Courtesy Dr. Sharon Spier Pigeon fever abscess.IDEXX Laboratories has introduced new diagnostics for the equine market, including three new RealPCR reproductive panels, the Strangles RealPCR Screen and a RealPCR test for Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis, or pigeon fever. These new diagnostics help equine veterinarians quickly and accurately diagnose individuals or herds and enable them to more proactively manage the health of the horses under their care. These new panels cast a wider net to identify more pathogens, provide better accuracy and produce more rapid results than current tests. "The equine RealPCR tests for reproductive health and pigeon fever and the expanded test option for strangles fill an important void in the diagnostic landscape for equine practitioners," said Christian Leutenegger, head of Molecular Diagnostics at IDEXX. “Abortion in the equine industry is a sensitive topic; it leads to significant financial loss for mare... Continue Reading


Research Shows Owning Tech Important to Image
According to a study released April 17, "familiarity with and usage of new high-tech products appears to be a common manifestation of innovative behavior," wrote Steve Hoeffler of... Read More
Federal Government Failure to Enforce Laws Pertaining to Compounding Pharmacies Making Racing Integrity Battle More Difficult
RCI’s 80th Annual Conference on Racing and Wagering Integrity opened this week in Lexington with calls for increased diligence on the part of the US federal government to commit resources and enforce its current laws governing compounding pharmacies... Read More
Array of Prominent Thoroughbred Owners, Trainers Pledge to Make Veterinary Records Public
A large and growing number of prominent Thoroughbred owners and trainers have voluntarily pledged to make available to the public veterinary records of their horses competing in graded stakes races... Read More
100 Day Horse Challenge Host Registration is Open to Veterinarians
It's time to get your stable, business, club, or venue officially registered as a 100 Day Horse Challenge Host! Click here to register! Follow these easy steps to register to compete for your share... Read More

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We Love A Good Distraction
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False Information Being Spread About "Mystery Disease" in Kentucky Horses
During the past hours the Kentucky State Veterinarians Office has received calls describing postings on the Internet (primarily social media), as well as multiple mass emailings, falsely reporting a... Read More
Research: U.C. Davis Detects Clade 2 Equine Influenza Virus in Imported Horse
In the article "Detection of clade 2 equine influenza virus in an adult horse recently imported to the USA" published March 19 in Equine Veterinary Education and available at Wiley Online... Read More
Equine Digital Best Practices Webinar Recording
Because everyone could not make the live webinar, EquiMangement.com and Global VetLINK are happy to bring you this on-demand webinar: Equine Digital Best Practices. Our expert panel includes Robert... Read More
The Art of Giving
Equine veterinarians are some of the hardest-working professionals out there. Keeping long, erratic hours, working in all types of weather, dealing with many difficult situations and lack of quality... Read More