EquiManagement is happy to offer our users a new way to get business education: Podcasts! We have partnered with experienced podcaster Dr. Mike Pownall (see bio below) to bring you interviews with important people on critical topics in the equine veterinary industry. We plan to provide a new podcast each month that you can listen to (or download to) your computer, tablet or smart phone. You can take these podcasts with you in your practice vehicle to give yourself an “education break” while driving, or you can take time to listen to them in your home or office.

If you have suggestions for future podcasts, please contact me (kbrown@aimmedia.com).

We hope you enjoy these podcasts!

Kimberly S. Brown
Associate Publisher/Editor

Photo Courtesy AAEP 

Prior to becoming a veterinarian, Mike Pownall, DVM, MBA, worked as a farrier for seven years. His interest in equine lameness led him to attend the Ontario Veterinary College. He graduated in 2001. In 2002 his wife, Dr. Melissa McKee, and he started McKee-Pownall Equine Services.

Their organization takes in two equine veterinary clinics with 10 vets and 20 support staff spread across the Greater Toronto Area. Pownall is also a partner with Oculus Insights, which offers business education to veterinarians throughout the world.

Pownall received his MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, and he was the class valedictorian. In addition, he has presented internationally on business management topics and has contributed to numerous journals on practice management topics.

Pownall has a blog and podcast on veterinary business management at www.veterinarybusinessmatters.com. You can follow him on Twitter @dvmbusiness and the Veterinary Business Matters Facebook page. The website for McKee-Pownall Equine Services is www.mpequine.com and for Oculus Insights at www.oculus-insights.com.


Dr. Mary Beth Whitcomb

Dr. Mary Beth Whitcomb is the Program Chair for the 2016 AAEP Convention Business Education Program. In this podcast she discusses the theme of “Transition” and how the many...

Dr. Joop Loomans

Dr. Joop Loomans has spent much of the past 6 years developing the first Western style equine veterinary hospital in China. He also created the first ever equine health care conference in China, which...

Dr. Ann Dwyer

Join us on the latest Equimanagement Podcast where Dr. Mike Pownall chats with Dr. Ann Dwyer. They cover a wide range of topics on business management of an equine veterinary practice. Dr. Dwyer has...

Dr. Mary Beth Whitcomb

Join Dr. Mike Pownall as he chats with Dr. Mary Beth Whitcomb about the challenges and opportunities for women in the equine veterinary profession.

Dr. Kathleen Anderson | AAEP President

Join us for the first EquiManagement podcast as Dr. Mike Pownall chats with AAEP President Dr. Kathy Anderson. They talk about business education, the role of the AAEP President, and her upcoming trip...

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