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Business Briefs: The Perils of Discounting
You might be tempted to give discounts to clients in some situations, but don't discount your profit away!
A senior man standing close to a horse in a stable, holding it
Business Briefs: Handling Ethical Dilemmas
Ethical dilemmas arise frequently in equine practice, and following an ethical framework can help veterinarians navigate these tricky situations.
Vet In Discussion With Horse Owner
Business Briefs: Selling a Solo Equine Practice
Planning ahead for a transition of ownership is important for all solo equine practitioners.
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New Ways to Approach Emergency Coverage
New avenues for veterinarians to care for equine emergencies are becoming more common in the equine industry.
Vet In Discussion With Horse Owner
AAEP Wellness Coverage: Are We Honest About Our Communication Boundaries?
Dr. Stacey Cordivano emphasized the importance of setting healthy boundaries in equine veterinary medicine and highlighted the negative impact of porous boundaries at the 2022 AAEP Convention.
Portrait Of Female Vet With Digital Tablet Examining Horse In Stable
Vet Wellness Briefs: Using the Rule of Six
The next time you find yourself mired in negativity towards a client, associate or situation, give this technique a try.
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While big corporations are often victims of malware, veterinary practices are vulnerable, too.