ultrasound horse inside building
The Business of Practice: Equine Vet Facilities for 2023
This podcast offers tips on planning and building an equine veterinary facility with Heather Lewis, AIA, NCARB.
Veterinary Clinic Construction in a Changing World
Construction and renovation are difficult, but 2023 might be a good year to undertake veterinary practice projects.
Standing Equine PET Going Strong
The standing equine PET scanner has been successfully in use at Santa Anita Park for three years, and the technology is increasing in availability at hospitals across the county.
animal arts vet hospital wood truss roof construction
The Business of Practice: Supply Chain Issues and Opportunities for Veterinary Building
In this podcast, we discuss supply chain and labor issues for equine veterinarians seeking to build or renovate.
The Right Light for Your Equine Hospital
Here are seven tips for getting the most out of your equine facility by adding high-efficiency lighting.
AVMA PLIT Safety Bulletin: Managing an OSHA Inspection
This safety brief from the AVMA PLIT covers everything veterinary practice owners need to know about managing an OSHA inspection.
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There were valuable business presentations for equine practices of all sizes and types at the 2018 AAEP Convention.