Kester News Hour Coverage

This is part 1 of the Kester News Hour coverage from the 2018 AAEP Convention, brought to you by Zoetis.


EquiManagement is bringing you extensive coverage of the 2018 AAEP Convention. 


There are multiple reports from the Convention that cover the research and discussions presented in San Francisco, California. The equine medical topic coverage comes to you in five parts: 

  1. an in-depth magazine article that will also appear online; 
  2. part 1 of information from the Kester News Hour; 
  3. part 2 of information from the Kester News Hour;
  4. a report that covers equine fevers and and muscle disease; and 
  5. an article on nutrition and supplements. 

Each of these articles was written by Nancy S. Loving, DVM, and is brought to you by Zoetis.

The remaining articles will be posted in March, so come back to see what you might have missed at the 2018 AAEP Convention.


Don’t miss the second part of the Kester News Hour coverage here.

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