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Business Briefs: Handling Ethical Dilemmas
Ethical dilemmas arise frequently in equine practice, and following an ethical framework can help veterinarians navigate these tricky situations.
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The Business of Practice: Non-Compete Clauses
The Federal Trade Commission is looking to outlaw current and future non-compete clauses in employment contracts.
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Business Briefs: Preventing Malpractice Claims in Equine Veterinary Medicine
Veterinarians can lower their risk of having a malpractice claim filed against them by following these four key principles.
Secure Act 2.0: It’s a New Day in Retirement Plan Design
Veterinary practice owners who have held off on adopting a retirement plan should consider the new benefits introduced in the SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022.
Blue ballpoint pen on a non compete contract. Noncompete contract is an agreement between employee and employer, not to enter into competition in subsequence business effort. Legal concept
Business Briefs: Non-Compete Clauses for Equine Veterinarians
It is important to understand just what the non-compete agreement means and for both parties to be comfortable with the restrictions.
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Hiring Your First Staff Member at Your Equine Practice
Learn the steps to assessing, getting ready to hire and hiring an employee in your veterinary practice.
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There were many opportunities to gain information and have discussions about business topics at the 2020 AAEP Convention.