Open Access: Descemet's Membrane Detachment in Horses; Case Series and Literature Review

A new article from Wiley Online Library is available under open access, meaning the entire article is available to read free online. The article from Veterinary Ophthalmology is titled, “Descemet’s membrane detachment in horses; case series and literature review.”


The aim of this article was to describe Descemet’s membrane detachment (DMD) following phacoemulsification in five equine eyes and to review the human literature on this topic. In the last decade, there has been increased reporting of DMD in the human literature, in particular following cataract surgery. The natural history of DMD remains unknown and although various medical and surgical treatments have been advocated there is no recognized ‘gold standard’ treatment for DMD. This case series reports the diagnosis of DMD in four horses (5 eyes) in association with phacoemulsification surgery. The diagnosis of DMD in these patients was made intra-operatively, postoperatively or on subsequent histopathological examination. The surgical reports, photographic or video recordings, and ultrasound data were evaluated and possible factors associated with the pathophysiology of DMD are discussed. This is the first description of DMD in the veterinary literature, and the authors believe that DMD might hitherto have been overlooked in veterinary ophthalmology due to a lack of awareness of the condition. The possible causes, clinical signs, and treatment of DMD as described in the human literature are also reviewed.


Màrian Matas Riera, Ophthalmology Service, Royal Veterinary College, AL97TA London, UK; David Donaldson, Unit of Comparative Ophthalmology, Animal Health Trust, Newmarket CB87UU, UK; Simon Lawrence Priestnall, Dept of Pathology and Pathogen Biology, Royal Veterinary College, AL97TA London, UK.

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