Opportunities Beyond Clinical Equine Veterinary Practice

Editor’s Note: There are many reasons that a practicing equine veterinarian might want or have to change jobs. These could range from moving to higher education, industry or government positions, to injury, retirement or perhaps a higher calling. Whatever the reason, this article can give you insights into other careers besides the daily practice of an equine veterinarian. The featured covered of AAEP’s business sessions in the March/April issue of EquiManagement magazine was brought to you by Zoetis, which also sponsored an additional four articles from the 2016 AAEP Convention found on EquiManagement.com under Resources>Downloads.

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In keeping with the theme of “transitions” during the business sessions at the 2016 AAEP Convention, an entire morning was devoted to opportunities beyond clinical practice. Here are summaries of some of the presentations.

Higher Education

Dr. Racquel Rodeheaver-Lindroth started the session by describing her transition from ambulatory practice to teaching in a veterinary school setting. For those veterinarians who have talent and a passion for teaching, making a career change into the academic domain should be a highly suitable fit, she said. While most of us think that only those with specialist credentials have this option, well-practiced generalists are valued experts in field service departments, in veterinary technician programs and among Equine Studies faculty. 

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