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Disease Du Jour: Negative Palmar Angle in Horses
Learn from Dr. Steve O'Grady what a negative palmar angle is in a horse's hoof, what structures it affects and how to manage and prevent it.
Foal rest in stall
Colic Surgery Survival for Foals with Strangulating Small Intestinal Lesions
A retrospective study compared survival rates of foals to adult horses that had undergone colic surgery for strangulating small intestinal lesions.
Castor bean tick (Ixodes ricinus)
Ticks and Horses: Common Myths and Tips for Disease Prevention
Here are tips for turning your clients into “tick whisperers” and minimizing tick-borne illness in their horses.
grumpy angry horse ears back
Gastric Ulcers in Horses
Gastric ulcers in horses can be challenging to identify and, in many cases, challenging to treat, but medication and management strategies can lead to healing and prevention.
EHV-1 Proactive Strategies
Proper biosecurity measures are essential to mitigate the spread of EHV-1; here are some preventative strategies.
hock joint injection
Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for Sepsis in Horses
Septic arthritis in horses can be effectively treated with TLR-activated MSCs in conjunction with an antibiotic.
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