The Business of Practice: Employment Agreements

In Episode 15 of The Business of Practice podcast, Dr. Amy Grice discusses the important points of employment agreements in veterinary businesses.

Among items the employer and employee should agree on is whether the practice provides a vehicle for work and how it is to be used, or the associate must provide a vehicle.

“It is important to have expectations spelled out clearly to avoid misunderstandings and disagreements,” said Amy Grice, VMD, MBA, of employment agreements. “Having things in writing can really help so you can go and look it up. It helps protect practice owners and associates.”

The Business of Practice podcast is brought to you by Dechra Veterinary Products.

Grice practiced for more than 20 years before starting Veterinary Business Consulting. She advises veterinarians and practice owners on a wide variety of projects and challenges.

Key elements that should be in every employment agreement include:

  • the term of the contract
  • compensation
  • duties/work schedule
  • emergency requirements
  • vacation/other leave
  • benefits
  • non-compete
  • termination

Grice said benefits could include:

  • professional liability insurance
  • professional licenses
  • memberships (AVMA, AAEP, local VMA, etc.)
  • continuing education
  • health insurance
  • disability insurance
  • retirement plan (401K, SIMPLE)
  • sick/personal days
  • discounted veterinary services/medications
  • maternity leave

Other items that employers and employees need to agree on include vehicle use, negotiation of terms and when to re-visit the contract.


The Business of Practice podcast is brought to you by Dechra Veterinary Products.

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