Nancy S. Loving, DVM
Horse Abstract
Horse Back Pain Rehabilitation
Family of donkeys outdoors in spring
Donkey and Mule Medicine
Cowgirl on horse with horse in background
Idiopathic Headshaking in Horses
Eye of Arabian horse
Ocular Penetration of Acetaminophen 
Strangles in horse nasal discharge
Streptococcus equi subsp. equi in Nasal Secretions
Horse Feeding on Wyoming Landscape
Potential Harm to Horses from Probiotics
Horse in paddock
Biofilms and the Equine Uterus
A relaxed Arabian horse enjoying a refreshing shower
Transport Effects on Endurance Horses
brown horse grazes next to an old wooden cart against the background of an autumn forest and a ravine
ACTH Concentrations in Horses Affected by Month and Breed
Botulism in Unexpected Places
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Trending ARticles
Anonymous alcohol addiction, depression
Alcohol and Substance Use Prevalent Among Veterinary Professionals 
A horse hugging the owner. The horse's attachment to the man
Veterinary Wellness Briefs: Grieving and Grace 
Mare and foal after birth
Disease Du Jour: Equine Neonatal Field Care 
3 Wisconsin Horses Positive for EHV

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