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Daily Vet Life Podcast: Dealing With Stress

Dr. Amy Grice talks about how to deal with personal and financial stress during the COVI-19 pandemic.
vet woman stressed files hand sanitizer mask

"There is stress all around us right now with the pandemic and the economic downturn," said Dr. Amy Grice.

Episode 26 of the Daily Vet Life podcast discusses Dealing With Stress with Dr. Amy Grice.

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In this week's episodes, from May 4-8, we are talking to Amy Grice, VMD, MBA, who practiced for more than 20 years before she received her MBA. Grice consults with and advises veterinarians and practice owners on a wide variety of projects and challenges through her Veterinary Business Consulting company.

This week's topics focus on:

  • Dealing With Stress
  • Business Tips for Solo Practitioners
  • Personal Financial Wellness
  • Life Changes Start Small
  • Practice Gratitude

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