2017 AAEVT Annual Convention Registration is Open
The 2017 AAEVT Annual Convention will be in San Antonio, Texas, November 18-20.


Registration is open for the AAEVT Annual Convention, and this year it is in San Antonio, Texas! What a fun and exciting city to visit! The program this year is packed full of amazing and knowledgeable presenters as well as diverse and interesting topics. The Case Study Presentations alone promise to make the trip worth your while! 

The wet labs this year will be held at Retama Equine Hospital and the list of topics exceptional. Don’t forget to sign up for the wet labs. If you are enrolled in the ACT program, this wet lab will count for your one required wet lab. 

Please be aware that this year, the AAEVT Annual Convention will be held from Saturday (yes, it starts a day earlier than normal) November (not December) 18 and ends Monday November 20. The Wet Labs will be held Sunday, November 19. This is the weekend before Thanksgiving, so plan your travel and hotels early for the best possible deals. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Meg Schenk, CVTAAEVT Regional Director, 30​​3-668-2936.

Click here to download the AAEVT Annual Convention Brochure.


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