All Turfway Park Quarantines Released

There are no longer any barns under restriction or quarantine at Turfway Park Race Course in Florence, Kentucky.

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Results of testing from the population of horses in the quarantined Barn 14 at Turfway Park have been reported negative. In addition to the testing that has been completed, it has been greater than 14 days since the population was last exposed to a clinical case. Horses in the barn are under no further restrictions and may resume to training with the general population. 

With the release of this barn, there are no barns under restriction or quarantine at Turfway Park Race Course in Florence, Kentucky.

Horses that had previously tested positive do remain under regulatory monitoring and are in quarantine off site.

Racing at Turfway continues uninterrupted.

Regarding horses shipping onto the Turfway backside: The Kentucky State Veterinarian’s office protocol regarding stabling of horses shipping in to race is unchanged at this point in time. Trainers shipping in to race or train will continue to be assigned stabling in the receiving barns unless the individual trainer has stalls permanently assigned on the backside. Trainers electing to stable in their assigned stalls do understand and will comply with our directive that the horses stabled with the general population are required to remain on the grounds for the defined period of time (currently seven days).

All horses entering the stabling area are required to present valid certificates (EIA and Health Certificate) qualifying the horse’s entry onto the backside. The Health Certificate must include statements that demonstrate a valid EHV-1 vaccination history.

Information for this article was provided by Rusty Ford, Equine Operations Consultant, Office of the Kentucky State Veterinarian.

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