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AVMA Animal Health Studies Database

Search for studies on a specific species of animal, including horses, on this AVMA database.
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You might be able to provide health data or samples from healthy animals or those with a specific disease or condition.

The AVMA Animal Health Studies Database connects practitioners with veterinary clinical trials reported by researchers. This database includes many different studies related to a wide range of animal healthcare issues, including diabetes, arthritis, and cancers such as lymphoma, osteosarcoma, or hemangiosarcoma. Individual studies might be suitable for dogs, cats, horses or other animals.

The AVMA landing page for this database lets you search for studies relevant to your patient's or pet's particular condition, or even find opportunities to provide health data or a sample from a healthy animal. 

Animal owners interested in participating in studies should first discuss their animals' eligibility for any relevant study with their own veterinarians.

The AVMA noted that clinical trials are critical to discovering new treatments and deepening our understanding of diseases. "By collecting samples or information through these studies, researchers can investigate new therapies and gather scientific evidence to guide the clinical care of animals," noted the AVMA. 

To connect with this database visit this web page.

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