BEVA 2019 Award Winners Announced

BEVA presented awards to some of the best and brightest in equine veterinary medicine at the 2019 BEVA Congress.

BEVA president Dr. Renate Weller (left) with BEVA Equine Welfare Award winner Dr. Suzanne Green. The award is sponsored by Blue Cross, which was represented by Vice Chairman Steve Swift. Courtesy BEVA

Seven awards were presented in total, all established by the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) in conjunction with various sponsors, to reflect BEVA’s recognition of and support for significant accomplishments by equine vets and others involved in horse health and welfare.

The BEVA Equine Welfare Award sponsored by Blue Cross was awarded to Dr. Suzanne Green for her tireless veterinary work to improve equine welfare. Initially finding her passion for welfare as a routine vet at equine charity World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm in Somerset, Suzanne went on to work with the RSPCA’s ambulatory services. The importance of making a prosecution count led her to complete training as an expert witness and she is currently training for a master’s in forensic veterinary science.

Suzanne continues to work with Bransby Horses, World Horse Welfare, The Donkey Sanctuary and more recently with the SSPCA. She has lectured at Liverpool Veterinary School regarding welfare work with the RSPCA and has recently been involved with the training of trainee RSPCA inspectors at regional headquarters in Shrewsbury.

The BEVA Richard Hartley Clinical Award was presented to Dr. Laura Mason for the paper “Prophylactic therapy with omeprazole for prevention of equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS) in horses in active training: A meta-analysis” by L.V. Mason, J. R. Moroney, and R.J. Mason. It was first published online in April 2018 and in January 2019, Volume 51, Issue 1 of the Equine Veterinary Journal.

The award is given in memory of Richard Hartley, a founder member of BEVA and president from 1974 to 1975. It is awarded for evidence-based papers with direct clinical application and the prize is intended to support travel of the senior author and/or co-authors.

The Peter Rossdale Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ) Open Award was presented to Sonja Egan for the research paper “Research trends in equine movement analysis, future opportunities and potential barriers in the digital age: A scoping review from 1978-2018” by S. Egan, P. Bram, and D. McGrath. It was first published online January 2019.

This award is given for the paper that best achieves the EVJ’s mission to publish articles which influence and improve clinical practice and/or add significantly to the scientific knowledge that underpins and supports veterinary medicine in relation to the horse. The award is made in recognition of Peter Rossdale’s immense contribution to BEVA and EVJ.

The Voorjaarsdagen and BEVA Awards were introduced in 2005 to mark the close relationship between the two Associations. The award is selected and presented biannually, once at the Voorjaarsdagen Congress and once at BEVA Congress, and is open to all those presenting a Clinical Research paper.

This year’s BEVA Award winner is Glenn Van Steenkiste, DVM, for his paper on “A 12-lead electrocardiogram interpretation algorithm to determine the anatomical site of origin of atrial premature depolarisations in horses: preliminary data.” Glenn’s presentation won the award at the Voorjaarsdagen Congress in April 2019; he will present it again during the Clinical Research Sessions at BEVA Congress.

The reciprocal Voorjaarsdagen Award winner will be selected from those presenting Clinical Research papers at this year’s BEVA Congress. Their prize will be free registration to Voorjaarsdagen Congress 2020, where they will have the opportunity to present their papers again.

The EVJ Literary Award for Video Abstracts, sponsored by IMV Imaging (previously BCF Technology Ltd) is given to the author who provides a video abstract which best communicates how their research is relevant to clinical practice and/or supports veterinary medicine in relation to the horse.

This year’s winner is Dr. Elaine Norton for her video abstract “Heritability of metabolic traits associated with equine metabolic syndrome in Welsh ponies and Morgan horses” by E.M. Norton, N.E. Schultz, A.K. Rendahl, D. Mcfarlane, R.J. Geor, J.R. Mickelson, and M.E. McCue. The article and video abstract were first published online in November 2018.

The winner of the Sam Hignett Award for the best clinical research presentation from general equine practice at BEVA Congress 2019 will be announced after Congress.

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