Chapter Available from The Manual of Equine Neonatal Medicine

A new chapter about “Assessment of Oxygen Needs” from Dr. J.E. Madigan’s The Manual of Equine Neonatal Medicine is now available on Madigan is from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis.

The Manual of Equine Neonatal Medicine ( was published online by International Veterinary Information Service, Ithaca NY (

One excerpt from this chapter is on” Assessment of Oxygen Needs” and contains the following:

“Immediate needs – Post foaling resuscitation is discussed in Chapter 16. Hypoxia in the foal, which becomes ill after a seemingly normal birth, is not easily detected by mucous membrane color. Cyanosis is not readily apparent until the PaO2 is <40 mmHg. Hypoxia can be a component of septicemia, prematurity, neonatal maladjustment, pneumonia, atelectasis and foals that are in prolonged lateral recumbency due to any reason.”

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