Cornell Publishes 2014 Research Awards

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The June edition of the Zweig newsletter from Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine listed the following research award recipients and the titles of their projects:


$52,696 to Dr. Lisa Fortier for “Cellular Biomarkers of Early Cartilage Injury Measured in vivo with Multiphoton Imaging.”

$162,786 to Dr. Bettina Wagner for “A Novel Strategy to Boost Antibody Production to EHV-1 in Neonates”

$10,000 to Dr. Rolfe Radcliffe for “En Bloc Removal of Intravascular Thrombi via an Extracorporeal Bypass Circuit in Experimentally Induced Jugular Thrombosis in Horses”


$60,960 to Dr. Dorothy Ainsworth for “Fine Mapping of Candidate Genes Contributing to Equine Left Recurrent Laryngeal Neuropathy (RLN) in Thoroughbred Horses – Phase II”

$49,350 to Dr. Robert Gilbert “Effect of Early Pregnancy on Function of the Equine Corpus Luteum”

$173,259 to Dr. Alan Nixon for “Evaluation of Lubricin as a New Biotherapeutic for Equine Joint Disease”

$50,000 to Dr. Douglas Antczak with Rebecca Tallmadge and Nikolaus Osterrieder for “T-cell Mediated Immunity and Vaccine Development in Horses”

$67,000 to Dr. Thomas Divers with Dr. Bud Tennant for “Etiology and Prevention of Equine Serum Hepatitis (Theiler’s Disease)”

$88,499 to Dr. Bettina Wagner with Gillian Perkins for “Innate Immune Mechanisms and T-cell Responses to Equine Herpesvirus Type 1 in Latently Infected and Naïve Horses”