Cornell Publishes 2014 Research Awards

The June edition of the Zweig newsletter from Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine listed the following research award recipients and the titles of their projects:


$52,696 to Dr. Lisa Fortier for “Cellular Biomarkers of Early Cartilage Injury Measured in vivo with Multiphoton Imaging.”

$162,786 to Dr. Bettina Wagner for “A Novel Strategy to Boost Antibody Production to EHV-1 in Neonates”

$10,000 to Dr. Rolfe Radcliffe for “En Bloc Removal of Intravascular Thrombi via an Extracorporeal Bypass Circuit in Experimentally Induced Jugular Thrombosis in Horses”


$60,960 to Dr. Dorothy Ainsworth for “Fine Mapping of Candidate Genes Contributing to Equine Left Recurrent Laryngeal Neuropathy (RLN) in Thoroughbred Horses – Phase II”

$49,350 to Dr. Robert Gilbert “Effect of Early Pregnancy on Function of the Equine Corpus Luteum”

$173,259 to Dr. Alan Nixon for “Evaluation of Lubricin as a New Biotherapeutic for Equine Joint Disease”

$50,000 to Dr. Douglas Antczak with Rebecca Tallmadge and Nikolaus Osterrieder for “T-cell Mediated Immunity and Vaccine Development in Horses”

$67,000 to Dr. Thomas Divers with Dr. Bud Tennant for “Etiology and Prevention of Equine Serum Hepatitis (Theiler’s Disease)”

$88,499 to Dr. Bettina Wagner with Gillian Perkins for “Innate Immune Mechanisms and T-cell Responses to Equine Herpesvirus Type 1 in Latently Infected and Naïve Horses”

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