CVM Guidance Documents Under Development for 2014
Expected to publish as drafts or finals by the end of December 2014

The following list of guidance topics includes possible new topics for guidance documents or revisions to existing guidance documents that the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is considering. We currently intend to develop guidance on each topic; however, the Center is neither bound by this list of topics, nor required to issue every guidance document on this list.

We are not precluded from developing guidance documents on topics not on this list.

CVM Guidance Documents Under Development list has been updated to include those documents expected to publish by the end of 2014. FDA also publishes an agency-wide Annual Guidance Agenda which includes CVM’s Guidance Documents Under Development and is available for public comment. For more information visit the FDA website.

Center for Veterinary Medicine 2014 Guidance Agenda

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