The DGWB Values Institute

The Values Institute is dedicated to research related to values-based marketing. It studies concepts related to branding and marketing and how brands develop trust—a key element to having loyal customers. Consider how these attributes of trust relate to the equine veterinary practice:

Ability or competence involves the extent to which the brand is seen as being effective. It measures how strongly the brand will compete and survive in the marketplace.

Sincerity (openness and honesty) are the words used most often when people are asked what contributes to trust. This dimension involves not only the amount and accuracy of information that is shared, but also how sincerely and appropriately it is communicated.

Consistency and reliability are fairly direct measures of how the brand acts consistently and dependably. In other words, can we count on it to do what it says?

Concern includes a measure of more emotional factors, such as the feelings of caring, empathy, tolerance and safety that are exhibited when we are vulnerable in transactions with the brand. Sincere efforts to understand feelings contribute to high trust levels in any relationship.

Identification or connection measures the extent to which we hold common values, goals and norms, as well as shared beliefs associated with the brands’/organizations’ cultures. This dimension indicates how connected we feel to the brand and the organization behind the brand.

So think about it: Are you creating connection? Is your practice considered consistent and reliable? Are you studying the latest medical and diagnostic techniques to improve your ability? The best marketing is word of mouth, and the best words are “I trust them.”


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