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Ebola Virus Information from AVMA

The death of an international traveler diagnosed in the U.S. as having the Ebola virus disease (EVD), coupled with the precautionary measure by Spanish health officials to euthanize the dog of an exposed healthcare worker, have raised questions and concerns among veterinarians and the public alike:

How will the U.S. react if faced with an increased number of EVD patients?

Is there any chance that what happened in Spain could happen here?

Is it even possible for dogs to get EVD or spread it to humans?

Photo: CDC / Cynthia Goldsmith

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We know that you and your clients are looking for answers, and we’re working to get information for you. The AVMA is collaborating with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and USDA along with other agencies and experts and is tapping into the broad expertise of our member veterinarians to develop information for our members and the public. We will strive to ensure that veterinarians have a prominent voice as these issues are discussed and decided in the U.S.

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