Equine Strangles Confirmed in Rhode Island

An event took place on the index property in Newport County, with horses traveling onto and off of the property to other locations.

Horses that were exposed and traveled home, and the horses they contact there, should be monitored for strangles. Amy Dragoo

The Rhode Island State Veterinarian alerted the Equine Disease Communication Center about a confirmed case of strangles in Newport County.

Several horses were at this farm the weekend of March 23-24, 2019, for an exhibition event, but they returned to their home stables at the conclusion of the event.

Farm management has been notified of this strangles diagnosis, and the Rhode Island State Veterinarian has issued an Order of Quarantine for the index farm.

Owners of horses that were at the farm for the event and returned home are advised to contact their veterinarians to notify them of the potential exposure to Strep. equi and to self-impose a quarantine where no susceptible animals are to be brought onto or off of the farm, monitor temperatures on all susceptible animals on the farm for 14 days, and report any clinical disease consistent with strangles to their attending veterinarians and state veterinarians where their horses are kept.

At this time, not all of the horses that attended the weekend event are known.

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