Equine Strangles in Nevada

More than a dozen cases of strangles and one horse death have been reported on the same premises in Clark County, Nevada.

One horse is dead and more than a dozen others are presumed to have strangles on a single premises in Clark County, Nevada. Google maps

On February 20, the Nevada Department of Agriculture reported two cases of strangles and more than a dozen other presumptive cases of strangles (based on clinical signs) on one premises in Clark County, Nevada.

Clinical signs were first seen by a local veterinarian on February 4.

On February 19, one horse was reported to have died after exhibiting clinical signs, although no confirmatory testing on its cause of death was completed.

Strict biosecurity is being encouraged, and the Nevada State Veterinarian has asked the facility to impose a voluntary hold on the movement of animals into and out of the premise.

Information for this article was provided by the Equine Disease Communication Center.

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