Equine Veterinarians and Horse Owners Win with Vets First Choice/Luitpold Animal Health Partnership

Vets First Choice, an innovative pharmacy management and marketing services company for veterinarians, is now the exclusive partner pharmacy channel provider of Adequan i.m. (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan) Equine manufactured by Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc., through an agreement with Luitpold Animal Health.

“Equine veterinarians can now sell equine Adequan, as well as a wide range of additional equine products, through their own online store set up and managed for them by Vets First Choice,” said Allyn Mann, Director, Luitpold Animal Health. “We are very pleased to endorse this platform due to the quality and safety of the Vets First Choice pharmacy and their outstanding customer service to both veterinarians and horse owners.”

As an authorized sales channel, Vets First Choice works with equine veterinarians to support the VCPR (Veterinary Client Patient Relationship), while providing practitioners a platform for direct sales to their horse owners. Vets First Choice purchases products directly from Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and follows their guidelines for safe handling, pharmacy fulfillment and refill management. The entire platform, which includes the online store branded to the practice, the accredited pharmacy, marketing services, and prescription management tools, is “pay for performance” and costs nothing to set up, and there are no monthly fees.

“Vets First Choice provides equine practitioners with a new revenue stream using a platform that is both ethical (patient/client relationship) and convenient for horse owners and veterinarians,” said Robert Magnus, DVM, MBA, CEO of Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital, who opened a Vets First Choice online store in July 2014. “Store set-up is fast and easy, and the company helps you market your store to horse owners. It’s been a great addition to our practice and we highly recommend it to other equine veterinarians.”

To open a branded Vets First Choice store, email info.vetsfirstchoice.com/equine or call 888-280-2221. For more information about equine Adequan i.m., go to www.Adequan.com.

Vets First Choice is a leading provider of cloud-based prescription management, pharmacy services, marketing solutions, and business analytics for equine and companion animal veterinary practitioners nationwide. Its services result in improved practice profitability, better prescription compliance, reduced inventory and increased client engagement. The company has been recognized by national accreditation boards for exceptional quality, service, and performance, including Vet-VIPPS and PCAB.

Adequan is a registered trademark of Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. LUITPOLD PHARMACEUTICALS, INC., Animal Health Division, Shirley, NY 11967.

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