Equine WNV in NY and More EEE in Wisconsin

Information from the EDCC shows more EEE in Wisconsin horses and two equine WNV cases in New York.
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Two Equine WNV Cases in New York

Two horses are recovering from West Nile virus (WNV) in New York, according to the NY State Department of Agriculture and Markets. A 26-year-old mare in Tompkins County started exhibiting clinical signs on September 8, including pronounced twitching and jerking movements in her forelegs, neck and muzzle and showing a reluctance to move. 

The other case was in a 5-year-old gelding in Orleans County. The gelding started showing clinical signs on September 5. He initially was off his feed and had a slight fever. Within 24 hours he exhibited stiffness in the front limbs, quivering of lips and twitching around the head. 

For more information visit the  New York State Department of Agriculture.

Wisconsin's 13th EEE Case of 2017

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture confirmed Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) in an unvaccinated 4.5-year old draft cross mare in Taylor County. On September 4, the mare began showing neurologic signs of stumbling and blindness and had a fever. The mare was euthanized on September 5. 

For more information visit the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.



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