Hallmarq Standing MRI Unit Joins Alamo Pintado

Hallmarq Veterinary Equine Imaging is proud to announce that its standing MRI system has been selected to expand the extraordinary list of services offered by Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center, one of the foremost equine medical centers in the world.

Some 4,000 horses come to Alamo Pintado each year, often as many as 30 arriving in just one day. Their owners come seeking treatment for a wide range of issues, from lameness to intestinal surgeries.

Alamo Pintado already offers a comprehensive list of medical diagnostics and therapies, including a traditional high-field MRI that requires full anesthesia. Carter Judy, DVM, DACVS of Alamo Pintado says, “Our guiding mantra here at Alamo Pintado is to offer choice to our clients, which means we must offer a complete array of all the available technology so that the ‘care team’ of owner and veterinarians can collectively treat the individual horse in the way that best fits his or her problem and situation.”

With regard to having two types of MRIs, Dr. Judy explains, “We see the standing and high-field MRIs as complementary; sometimes the high-field is a better choice, but oftentimes the standing MRI is [the better choice], for a variety of reasons, including re-checks, health screenings for race and performance horses that have no specific lameness, and those with potential anesthesia risks due to age, breed and overall health. Offering both types of MRIs was simply necessary to provide a truly comprehensive array of diagnostic tools for our clients.”

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