Imbed Biosciences Providing Wound Dressing to Australian Animal Rescue

Imbed Biosciences is providing an innovative wound dressing to help wildlife impacted by the Australian Wildfires.

This effort to help wounded and burned wildlife in Australia is headed up by members of the veterinary community with whom Imbed has partnered. iStock/Mikulas1

The recently launched veterinary division of Imbed Biosciences is providing its innovative MicroLyte Ag VET wound dressing product to an Australian animal rescue initiative in response to the country’s devastating wildfires. MicroLyte Ag VET promotes healing and fights infection in wounds, including burns. This effort to help wounded and burned wildlife in Australia is headed up by members of the veterinary community with whom Imbed has partnered.

Dr. Todd Driggers and Dr. Jules D’Assonville, Arizona- and Australia-based veterinarians, respectively, are stewarding the effort to help treat the burns of animals rescued from the Australian wildfires. Driggers’ efforts for Australia include fundraising for supplies, surgical procedures and other services to help treat affected wildlife. D’Assonville is coordinating donated supplies through his contacts in the Australian veterinary industry, forwarding MicroLyte Ag VET and other products to veterinarians near the affected areas.

“Due to our company’s significant growth over the last year, we are fortunate to be in a position to help. We look forward to the day when we can do even more,” said Ankit Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer of Imbed Biosciences.

MicroLyte Ag VET helps wounds heal by applying a specially designed layer of antimicrobial silver that doesn’t inhibit healing. New cells can form on top of the MicroLyte Ag VET, which completely absorbs into the body. This innovation has received awards and led to the growth of Imbed Biosciences and the recently launched veterinary division. MicroLyte Ag VET is currently available in the U.S., directly and through MWI Animal Health.

Driggers has raised more than $70,000 in a Facebook campaign and has traveled to Australia with a team to assist in the efforts. “The outpouring of support has been amazing, but the situation is still overwhelming. Even after the fires subside, the need for care will continue as many animals will be starving or dehydrated. This destruction touches their entire habitat,” commented Driggers.

Those in the veterinary community or other animal health companies that are interested in further helping Driggers’ fundraiser are encouraged to visit the Facebook Fundraiser page.

To learn more about MicroLyte Ag VET, visit

About Imbed Biosciences

Imbed Biosciences is a privately held medical device company developing next-generation medical devices for the management of burns, chronic ulcers, gastrointestinal defect and soft-tissue repair. The company has a portfolio of products in development based on its patented MicroLyte® Matrix polymeric multilayer platform that presents bioactive molecules on tissue surfaces to combat local pain and infections, support soft-tissue repair and reduce antibiotic/opioid abuse. Imbed is backed by venture capital group WISC Partners based in Madison, Wisconsin, and has received research grants from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. For more information, please visit, or

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