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Kentucky Reports Second WNV Equine Case

An unvaccinated Walking Horse in Madison County was the second 2020 WNV case in Kentucky.
Madison County Kentucky

A Tennessee Walking Horse in Madison County, Kentucky, was confirmed positive for West Nile virus, the second case for the state this year.

Diagnostic testing conducted reported on September 29 by the Equine Diagnostic Services in Lexington, Kentucky, confirmed a diagnosis of West Nile virus (WNV) affecting a second Kentucky horse. The confirmation of disease is based on WNV-specific IgM antibodies being detected and compatible clinical signs with WNV.

A 9-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse in Madison County, Kentucky, had onset of clinical signs on September 21 that included lethargy, inappetence, proprioceptive disorder, muscle fasciculations and moderate ataxia. The unvaccinated horse was alive 

Onset Date: 09/21/20 Lethargic, Inappetence, Proprioceptive Disorder, Muscle Fasciculation, and Moderate Ataxia. The horse was alive and described on September 29 by the attending veterinarian to be in a stable condition with some improvement.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Equine West Nile virus page was updated to reflect this second WNV case of 2020.

Information for this report came from Rusty Ford, Equine Operations Consultant, Office of the State Veterinarian, Kentucky Department Agriculture.



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