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ImproMed LLC, a subsidiary of Butler Schein Animal Health, has released its Triple Crown 3.0 equine practice management software, a complete solution to meet the needs of any equine veterinary practice. The software incorporates features such as Intelligent Inventory, SNOMED CT, a GlobalVetLINK integration and more to enhance any practice’s information management and improve business efficiency.

Among Triple Crown 3.0’s features are the ability to electronically send Coggins Submission Requests through the software; integration with the cloud-based Intelligent Inventory system; an Appointment Scheduler module and the ability to look up patients by owner, stable, trainer or referral source.

The Triple Crown system is fluent in the equine-specific subset of the Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine–Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT). This feature makes Triple Crown easy to use for the equine practitioner, allowing electronic medical records to consist of equine diagnostic terms familiar to the user.

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