Michigan Reports Recent Equine Strangles Cases
Four counties in Michigan reported confirmed or presumed cases of equine strangles.

Amy Dragoo

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development reported strangles cases in Marquette, Newaygo, Macomb and Kent Counties.

The first two cases were at a facility in Marquette County. One of the affected horses was brought to the stable in December of 2018. The horse had a runny nose at that time. The horse was examined and confirmed to have strangles in February of 2019. The other horse was a 17-year-old gelding with onset of clinical signs December 5, 2018, and confirmation February 18, 2019. The horse is recovering.

The next case was in Newaygo County. A weanling colt was reported with onset of clinical signs of strangles on February 18 that included cough, nasal discharge and abscessed submandibular lymph nodes. The horse was confirmed with strangles on March 7 and is recovering.

The next case was in Macomb County. The 19-year-old gelding pony had onset of clinical signs on March 4 and was confirmed with strangles on March 8. The horse is recovering.

The next case was in Kent County. The 12-year-old gelding pony had onset of clinical signs March 3 of abscessed submandibular lymph nodes and fever. Strangles was confirmed on March 18. The horse is recovering. It was noted that a pony was brought to the facility in February of 2019 with signs of respiratory disease upon arrival, but it was not tested for strangles. That pony recovered.

This information was provided by the Equine Disease Communication Center.

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