Ovulation Made Easy

A new, fully approved and regulated product to help induce ovulation in mares is now available for use in the United States. SucroMate Equine is the first premium-quality, injectable deslorelin acetate product that has received regulatory approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The product will be marketed in the United States by Bioniche Animal Health.

“SucroMate Equine is the only fully approved and regulated deslorelin product that assists with precision ovulation to be available for the equine market in the United States,” says Jim Phillips, president of Bioniche Animal Health. “We’re pleased to be able to introduce a consistent and high-quality product to the market that both veterinarians and horse owners will be able to rely on time after time.”

“Although there have been other products available containing deslorelin, this is the first one that is fully regulated, manufactured and quality-control tested using accepted and approved processes,” says Phillips. “This ensures safety, efficacy and reliability with every batch of product manufactured.”

SucroMate Equine is a sustained release product that will induce ovulation within 48 hours of use in mares with at least one ovarian follicle between 30 and 40 mm in diameter. Mares bred following induced ovulation generally show higher pregnancy rates than those who are not part of a precision ovulation program.

Visit www.SucroMate.com for more information.


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