Pennsylvania Equine Herpesvirus Quarantine Update

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture released updates about equine herpesvirus quarantines at The Meadows racetrack and New Bolton Center.
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The Meadowlands racetrack PA

Two EHM cases and four EHV-1 positive (non-neurologic) cases have been identified at The Meadows.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture released updates about equine herpesvirus quarantines at The Meadows racetrack and New Bolton Center.

The Meadows Racetrack

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture veterinarians have now posted official quarantines for seven barns at The Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Washington County (harness racing track). To date, two EHM cases and four additional confirmed EHV-1 positive, non EHM cases have been identified at The Meadows related to this incident. The initial quarantine was posted on January 22 for a suspected case of EHM that was taken from The Meadows to the Ohio State University for treatment. That case was confirmed EHV-1 positive on January 22. The most recent quarantine at The Meadows was posted on February 3. Biosecurity has been implemented in ALL barns and anywhere that people comingle. The track has suspended racing, but continues to evaluate the status of new cases and racing options. The stable gates have been closed since the first official quarantines were posted.

New Bolton Center in Pennsylvania

Quarantine on two barns at New Bolton Center have been lifted. Three EHV-1-positive horses are still in quarantine in a separate facility.

New Bolton Center Update

The official quarantines imposed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture on two barns at the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, have been lifted effective Saturday, February 3, 2018. A self-imposed quarantine, approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, remains in effect on three horses that previously tested positive for EHV-1. These horses have remained stalled in an on-site isolation facility with dedicated staff that is entirely separate from personnel handling other horses. Quarantine revocation testing for these three animals will begin Wednesday, February 7, 2018. New Bolton Center has resumed normal operations and is currently admitting all equine elective and emergency patients with minimal restrictions. Additionally, all elective and emergency camelid cases are being admitted. All cows, goats, sheep, or pig patients continue to be admitted to the hospital. Field Service operations remain unaffected and the Center will continue to receive appointments for non-equine animals. Reproductive services at the Hofmann Center are fully operational.



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