Piroplasmosis Testing Required for Louisiana Racetrack Entry

Effective October 4, 2017, the Louisiana State Racing Commission (LSRC) has reinstated its rule, part B of the Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC) 35.I.1304, requiring all horses to have a negative equine piroplasmosis (EP) test, for Theileria equi, taken within the past 12 months, prior to entering the confines of a racetrack or race in Louisiana. This rule is not a requirement to enter the state of Louisiana, but will be required for horses to enter a licensed racetrack or training facility. 

Questions about the EP ruling should be directed to the LSRC at (504) 483-4000. Questions about Louisiana entry requirements in general should be directed to the LA Department of Agriculture & Forestry, Veterinary Health Division at (225) 925-3980.

More information on piroplasmosis can be found from the AAEP.

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