Research: Challenge of Diagnosing Soft Tissue Injuries in the Palmar Aspect of the Carpus

For those of you interested in a review of the possible injuries that have been diagnosed and studied in the palmar aspect of the carpus, this article by Drs. Annamaria Nagy and Sue Dyson will give you many possibilities and references.

The article entitled, “The challenge of diagnosing soft tissue injuries in the palmar aspect of the carpus” was published in Equine Veterinary Education and is available online from OnlineLibrary.Wiley.Com.


“Injuries involving the palmar aspect of the carpus are infrequenly diagnosed as a cause of lameness. The complex anatomy of this region and the limitation of radiographic and ultrasonographic examinations can make diagnosis difficult. Previously described soft tissue injuries included desmitis of the accessory ligament of the superficial digital flexor tendon, lesions in the superficial and deep digital flexor tendons within the carpal sheath, tenosynovitis of the carpal sheath (Denoix and Audigie 1993; Denoix et al. 1995; Dyson 2010) tear of the medial and lateral intercarpal ligaments (Whitton et al. 1997) and lesions in the palmar carpal ligament (PCL) (Wright 1996; Pepe el al. 2013).”


A. Nagy, Old Town, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and S. Dyson Centre for Equine Studies, Animal Health Trust, Suffolk, UK.

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