Research: Equine Coronavirus (ECoV) in Europe

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In article published this month in Veterinary Microbiology and published through Elsevier on, the authors discuss equine coronavirus in Europe and how it is associated to the strains in North America and Asia. The article is titled, “First detection of equine coronavirus (ECoV) in Europe.”


"Equine coronavirus (ECoV) is involved mainly in enteric infections. Following the recent description of ECoV in 2000, this study reports for the first time the presence of ECoV in France and, on a wider scale, in Europe. ECoV was molecularly detected from diarrheic and respiratory specimens. Sequencing and phylogenetic analyses demonstrated that European strains are most closely related to the reference North American strain (ECoV-NC99) than the Asian strain (ECoV-Tokachi09)."


First author Fabien Miszczak is from the Laboratoire de Virologie, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Caen. Other authors are: Vincent Tesson, Nathalie Kin, Julia Dina, Udeni B. R. Balasuriva, Stephane Pronost, and Astrid Vabret.