New Stem Cell Procedure Introduced

Stemlogix, a leader in providing veterinarians with innovative regenerative medicine solutions, recently introduced its proprietary equine VetLipo procedure.

This equine procedure is an innovative technique to remove stem cell-rich adipose (fat) tissue from horses in a minimally invasive, scar-free method. VetLipo was pioneered by a leading physician and Stemlogix co-founder, Dr. Sharon McQuillan. McQuillan has trained hundreds of human surgeons from around the world on minimally invasive lipoaspirate procedures and is now making similar cutting-edge techniques available to equine veterinarians.

The technique involves using a proprietary cannula and syringe which creates enough of a vacuum (without needing a vacuum pump) to remove, or aspirate, fat tissue from the base of the tail in horses. The incision needed is only about a millimeter and does not even require stitches. VetLipo is also designed to remove fat in a way that protects the millions of regenerative stem cells within the tissue. Traditional techniques of removing fat tissue involve a more invasive surgical approach that requires stitches and tends to leave a noticeable scar on the horse.

The fat tissue that is extracted by the innovative VetLipo procedure can then be processed on-site with Stemlogix portable equipment and kits to isolate millions of regenerative stem cells. The stem cells are directly injected into a diseased or damaged area in order to accelerate healing and repair in horses suffering from tendon injuries, ligament injuries and/or arthritis.

Stemlogix has a history of introducing innovative regenerative medicine solutions for veterinarians. Last year, it launched its premier in-clinic stem cell therapy program, which allows veterinarians to provide their patients with highly viable stem cell therapy in an affordable, same-day procedure. The Stemlogix stem cell process can be performed in about an hour within a sterile environment with the use of the company’s portable, clean-room hood.

This approach is revolutionary because veterinarians are now able to produce stem cell therapy in a clinic or on-site where a patient is located as opposed to shipping tissue to a remote laboratory, a process that takes 48 hours. Stem cells have a limited lifespan outside of the body and by producing the stem cells on-site, the viability of the cells is maintained. The cost of the Stemlogix therapy is far lower than traditional methods so it can be offered to more clients and it only requires one office visit for both fat tissue extraction and stem cell delivery.

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