Strangles in Mackinac County in Michigan

This case is in Mackinac County, not on Mackinac Island. A mare tested positive and her foal was assumed to have strangles.

This case of strangles was in Mackinac County, Michigan, not on Mackinac Island. Google maps

Editor’s note: There was a mixup in information and this case is in Mackinac County and not on Mackinac Island. We apologize for the mistake.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development confirmed one case of equine strangles in Mackinac County. The positive horse is a 10-year-old Arab cross mare that is recovering. Her clinical signs included nasal discharge.

The mare has a foal, and both had the same clinical signs. The mare was examined and sampled on June 4, but the foal was not tested.

No quarantine was put in place.

Information for this report was provided by the Equine Disease Communication Center.

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