Supply Increasing for Large-Volume Fluids

The supply of large-volume polyionic fluids for parenteral administration in large animals was projected to increase as of press time in mid-April.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, “The current shortage has been triggered by several factors, including increased demand combined with reduced manufacturing of the sizes most suitable for use in large animals.”

Zoetis Inc. shipped 5-L bags of Plasma-Lyte in mid-March and mid-April and shipped 5-L bags of lactated Ringer’s solution in mid-April. The company had acquired Abbott Laboratories’ animal health assets in February and continued operating existing fluids contracts and agreements with suppliers and distributors. Zoetis advised veterinarians to contact their distributors to obtain fluids.

According to a statement from the company, “Zoetis remains acutely aware of how sensitive this situation is and of the importance of fluid supply for our veterinary customers.” The company continues seeking to secure fluids and is working with the FDA.

Animal Health International Inc. reported in mid-April that it will receive a shipment of 5-L bags of Hartmann’s solution from Sypharma Pty. Ltd. of Australia in late May. The distributor was coordinating with Sypharma on future shipments.

On April 13, the FDA announced that the agency will allow additional importation of large-volume fluids. According to the agency, several foreign companies were preparing to ship 5-L bags of fluids to the United States.

As products become available, the FDA will provide updates here. Visitors to the page may sign up for email alerts.

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