The NAEP Presents the Saratoga Equine Practitioners Conference

The NAEP has announced its list of speakers for the 2024 Saratoga Equine Practitioners Conference.
Saratoga Equine Practitioners Conference

The National Alliance of Equine Practitioners (NAEP) is pleased to introduce its 2024 speakers for the Saratoga Equine Practitioners Conference, taking place Sept. 25-28. As always, the three main teaching areas are Internal Medicine, Lameness, and Podiatry. This year, the NAEP is excited to add live horse demonstrations to provide tangible applications of the topics being discussed during the lectures, in addition to the highly anticipated and well-regarded Saratoga Wet Lab day and ultrasound presentations. Attendees will get hands-on experience in the most relevant topics equine practitioners are facing today. You won’t want to miss this year’s extremely informative lineup.

The Saratoga Equine Practitioners Conference is a time for equine practitioners to come together to learn, discuss, debate, and grow as a community. The NAEP endeavors to further unify practitioners by having more collaborative lectures throughout the conference. Event attendees can catch up with old friends, meet like-minded professionals, and walk away with new knowledge and a sense of community that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Learn more about the Saratoga Equine Practitioners Conference and register at

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