Three Maryland Farms Placed Under EHV-1 ‘Hold’ Orders
Three Maryland farms that had horses present at the EHV-1 premises in Virginia have been placed on "hold."

Three horse facilities have been placed on “hold” by the Maryland Department of Agriculture because they had horses that had been present at the EHV-1 premises in Virginia. Counties are, from top, Montgomery, Calvert and St. Mary’s.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture has reported three farms in Maryland were put under an EHV-1 “hold” on March 1, 2018, as they had horses that had been at the EHV-1 premises in Virginia the weekend of March 24 and 25. 

One farm in Montgomery County reported a horse with a fever that did test EHV-1 positive on blood (but not on the nasal swab) on March 5. 

A horse was reported with a fever on a farm in Calvert County on March 7, but it tested negative on blood and swab on March 8. 

The third farm in St. Mary’s County reported that all horses remain afebrile. 

All three farms remain under hold orders. No horses have displayed any neurologic signs.

This information was provided by the Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC), which works to protect horses and the horse industry from the threat of infectious diseases in North America. 


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