UKVDL Lawsonia Case Bulletin: Increased Cases Confirmed by PCR This Year

We are seeing a statistically significant increase in positive Lawsonia PCRs submitted to the UKVDL as compared to recent years.

Lawsonia intracellularis is an obligate intracellular agent of proliferative enteropathies in horses, pigs, sheep, deer and other species worldwide. The source of the infection for horses is not well characterized. It affects mostly weanling foals (3-13 months) and presents with pyrexia, lethargy, diarrhea, colic, weight loss and hyproteinemia. Thickened small intestines can be visualized on ultrasonography. A diagnosis can be confirmed by PCR on feces. Because the epidemiology of the disease is not well understood, methods of prevention have not been worked out.UC Davis is testing a swine vaccine for safety and efficacy.

The UKVDL can assist you in the diagnosis of a Lawsonia infection.

Lawsonia intracellularis PCR–Run daily, turnaround 1-2 working days

Specimen–5 grams intestinal scraping; fecal specimen; fecal swab; scraping of mucosa of harvested tissue (please do not submit specimens in gloves–screw-cap tubes are preferred).

Pricing– $35.00 in-state/$52.50 out-of-state + $10 accession fee

Please call the lab with questions at 859-257-8283 or see our web site at

Credit: Courtesy University of Kentucky undefined

Jacqueline Smith, PhD, Epidemiology Section Chief; Erdal Erol, DVM, PhD, Head, Diagnostic Microbiology; Craig N. Carter, DVM PhD Dipl. ACVPM, Director & Professor, Epidemiology, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

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