Update on Blackwood Training Center in Woodford County, Kentucky

Horses in Barn A at Blackwood Training Center in Woodford County, Kentucky, have been released after testing and quarantine due to equine herpesvirus.


The following is an April 13 update on the Blackwood Training Center in Woodford County, Kentucky, from Rusty Ford, Equine Operations Consultant, Office of the State Veterinarian.

Results of testing on the samples (Nasal Swabs and Whole Blood EDTA) collected from each horse stabled in Barn A at Blackwood Training Center in Woodford County, Kentucky, on Friday, April 9, have been reported negative for detection of EHV-1 DNA by PCR testing. In addition to the testing that has been completed, the horses have been monitored daily and our findings support that it has been greater than 14 days since any horse in Barn A was last potentially exposed to a clinical case.

Meeting the criteria above provided us the confidence needed to release the group of horses in Barn A from restrictions on Monday, April 12, and allow them to resume their normal training and racing activities.

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