Vesicular Stomatitis in Colorado

Two horses in Weld County, Colorado, have tested positive for vesicular stomatitis.
Vesicular stomatitis was confirmed in two horses on separate premises in Weld County, Colorado.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture reported today that on July 3, the National Veterinary Services Laboratory reported positive test results for vesicular stomatitis virus on samples submitted from two horses in Weld County.

The two horses reside on separate locations in Weld County, and they both have been placed under quarantine. Both premises are private residences with horses as the only livestock species present.

The initial Colorado disease investigation was completed by a field veterinarian from the State Veterinarian’s Office at the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

The index premises has one horse presenting with lesions on his sheath and no history of recent movements on or off the premises.

The subsequent positive premises has 1 of 3 horses presenting with lip and tongue lesions and he only history of movement off the property was pleasure riding near the home premises two weeks prior to onset.

There are no additional animals at either location currently showing clinical signs of vesicular stomatitis.

Both premises are under state quarantine and will remain so until at least 14 days from the onset of lesions in the last affected animal on the premises.

For more info about vesicular stomatitis, visit this page on the American Association of Equine Practitioners website.

Information for this article was provided by the Equine Disease Communication Center.

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