Vet Clinics of North America Equine Respiratory Medicine and Surgery Issue

Veterinary Clinics of North America: Equine Practice has an issue on Respiratory Medicine and Surgery available online from Elsevier. Selected pages are available for reading.

Editors are Sarah M. Reuss and A. Berkley Chesen, with Consulting Editor Thomas J. Divers.

Contents include:

  • Update on Diseases and Treatment of the Pharynx, by Berkley Chesen and Canaan Whitfield-Cargile
  • Update on Laryngeal Disorders and Treatment, by Taralyn M. McCarrell and J. Brett Woodie
  • Update on Streptoccus equis subsp equi Infections, by Martha Mallicote
  • Update on Fungal Respiratory Disease in Horses, by Allison J. Stewart and Rosemary S. Cuming
  • Update on Disorders and Treatment of the Guttural Pouch, by David E. Freeman
  • Update on Viral Diseases of the Equine Respiratory Tract, by James R. Gilkerson, Kirsten E. Bailey, Andres Diaz-Mendez, and Carol A. Hartley
  • Update on Bacterial Pneumonia and Pleuropneumonia in the Adult Horse, by Sarah M. Reuss and Steeve Giguere
  • Update on Bacterial Pneumonia in the Foal and Weanling, by Sarah M. Reuss and Noah D. Cohen
  • Update on Interstitial Pneumonia, by Pamela A. Wilkins and Kara M. Lascola
  • Update on Nininfectious Inflammatory Diseases of the Lower Airway, by Melissa R. Mazan
  • Update on Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage, by Stacey Sullivan and Kenneth Hinchcliff
  • Thoracic Trauma in Horses, by Kim A. Sprayberry and Elizabeth J. Barrett

Recent and upcoming issues of Veterinary Clinicis of North America: Equine Practice include:

  • August 2014 Emergency and Critical Care, Vanessa L. Cook and Diana Hassel, Editors
  • December 2014 New Perspectives in Infectious Diseases, Robert H. Mealey, Editor
  • August 2015 Equine Pathology and Laboratory Diagnostics, Colleen Duncan and Bruce Wobeser, Editors
  • December 2015 Rahabilitation of the Equine Athlete, Melissa King and Narelle Stubbs, Editors.
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