Two New WNV Cases in Kentucky


The Kentucky State Veterinarian’s office on Oct. 9, 2015, announce two additional horses affected with West Nile virus. That brings the total number of WNV cases in Kentucky this year to eight.

One new case was an 8-year-old female Haflinger in Crittenden County that was alive in stable condition at last report. She presented on Oct. 5 as febrile, ataxic and had fasiculations on her muzzle and shoulder area. Her vaccination history was unknown.

The other new case was an 8-month-old Belgian filly from Nelson County tat was alive at last report. She began showing clinical signs on Sept. 28 of mild, intermittent ataxia, lethargy and nasal discharge. She had no WNV vaccination history.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture web page has been updated to reflect these two most recent cases. Thus far all animals that were reported positive for WNV are alive. Seven were not vaccinated and one had a vaccination history that was unknown or pending. Counties affected were one case each in Bourbon, Crittenden, Fayette, Jefferson, Montgomery and Shelby Counties, and two in Nelson County.

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