WNV in Kentucky, Georgia and Utah Horses

Utah reported 10 new cases of equine West Nile virus thus far in September, with Kentucky and Georgia each reporting an additional equine case.

Kentucky Equine WNV

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture has reported confirmation of a case of equine West Nile virus (WNV) in Hardin County. The 17-year-old Quarter Horse gelding, which had no WNV vaccination history, presented with clinical signs on September 14. Those signs included ataxia and muscle fasciculations. The horse received treatment and showed an initial response, but relapsed and was euthanized on September 22 after he became recumbent. 

This is the 11th equine WNV case confirmed in Kentucky in 2017.

Georgia Equine WNV

The Georgia Department of Agriculture has confirmed a case of WNV in Brantley County in a 2-year-old Quarter Horse that was vaccinated. The horse presented with acute neurologic signs and is recovering with supportive care. 

The 2017 total reported WNV cases in Georgia to date are five confirmed and one presumptive positive.

Utah Equine WNV

The Utah Department of Agriculture reported that 10 horses have tested positive for WNV with clinical signs initially observed between September 8 and September 20. Horses are all from different premises located throughout the north-central part of the state. Five of the horses were treated and are recovering. The other five horses were not treated by their veterinarians and their status is unknown. 

The cases occurred in the following counties: Logan, Spanish Fork, Erda, Utah, Cache, Payson, Bluffdale, Honeyville, Salt Lake and Box Elder. 

For more information go to http://ag.utah.gov/animal/animal-health.html.

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