World-Class Farrier Care at WEG Tryon 2018

Besides the farriers that travel with some teams, there are hoof experts available to help farriers and horses at WEG Tryon 2018.

David Farley, a founding board member and former president of the American Association of Professional Farriers, grinds on a shoe at Farrier Station #2 at WEG Tryon 2018. Annie Kennedy

The old saying “No hoof, no horse” is as apt with a plow horse as a top-level eventer or jumper or reining horse. If the horse’s feet hurt, then he will not perform up to his potential.

At the WEG Tryon 2018 we caught up with Bryan Quinsey, executive director of the American Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF) and the International Association of Professional Farriers (IAPF). 

He said members of his organization are at WEG to offer emergency farrier services at four fixed stations around the stabling area. They will have 40 volunteer farriers from around the world serving over the two weeks. 

David Farley, a founding board member and past president of AAPF, helped to gather this team of farriers. Farley currently serves primarily hunter/jumper clients in Ohio during the summer and Wellington during the winter.

Besides having a welder that is capable of working on steel and aluminum, there is a station that has two drills (for tapping and calks), a grinder, a buffer and a forge. Pretty much anything a horse needs or a farrier wants to make can be done at one of the AAPF farrier stations. Annie Kennedy

“We have assisted farriers from almost every country,” he said early in the competition. “Some of our organization’s educational partners provided equipment, from nails to drills to forges and welders. We can make any shoe!”

We visited Farrier Station #2 to view the equipment available for farriers to use or where farriers can come for assistance in making the correct shoe for the horse. There is a TIG200 welder that can work on steel or aluminum, a propane torch and two drills for tapping and caulks, a grinder, a forge and a buffer. There are also travel boxes with necessary equipment that members can use when they are traveling through the barns or around the world to work on events.

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