Wyoming High School Rodeo Horse Positive for Neurologic EHV-1

Horses that attended high school rodeo events at Laramie, Rock Springs or Big Piney should be monitored.

A high school horse has been diagnosed with neurologic herpesvirus in Carbon County, Wyoming. Google Maps

On April 27, the Wyoming Livestock Board received negative laboratory results for equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) in a blood sample from a horse in Carbon County. The horse had been showing hind limb neurologic symptoms. Nasal swabs had not been taken. 

Still concerned about equine herpesvirus myeloencephalopathy (EHM), the owners were advised to impose a self-quarantine and closely monitor all horses for EHM signs, including taking temperatures on all horses twice daily. The attending veterinary clinic was advised to maintain isolation on the horse and to resubmit both blood and nasal samples. 

On May 2, the results on nasal swab were reported as positive for EHV-1 wild type. 

The premises was placed under quarantine with continued close monitoring on all 16 horses.

The affected horse had attended high school rodeos at Laramie on April 7-8, and Rock Springs on April 14-15. Horses at either of these events potentially could have been exposed and should be monitored closely, preferably having temperatures taken twice daily. Any horses with a fever (101.5 or higher) or showing respiratory or neurologic signs should be isolated immediately and a veterinarian consulted as to ongoing management. 

One horse from this premises that had not showed any signs of infection or disease attended the high school rodeo at Big Piney. While risk is minimal, horses at that event should be monitored as well.

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